Drum Heaters

55 Gallon Ultra-Wrap Drum Heating Systew/ Adjustable Thermostat (220V)


The Heat Authority CHR Ultra-Wrap DH-55G-1500W-220V is a full wrap 55 gallon, 240V, insulated drum heating system utilizing 1500 watts of power to quickly bring your product to temperature.

Heats to 165°F.

Featured Specs
Dimensions 33" x 77.25" (22.5" Diameter)
Heat Range High
Watts 1500W
Volts 220V
Availability Sold out.
GTIN: 0709818889134 Warranty: 1 Year
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The Heat Authority CHR Ultra-Wrap DH-55G-1500W-220V is a full wrap 55 gallon, 240V, insulated drum heating system utilizing 1500 watts of power to quickly bring your product to temperature.

Heats to 165°F.

INTRODUCING OUR BEST SELLING AND THE MOST EFFICIENT DRUM HEATING SYSTEM EVER PRODUCED! The Heat Authority CHRUltra WrapDH-55G-1500W-220V is a full wrap 55 gallon, 220V, insulated drum heating system utilizing 1500 watts of power to quickly bring your products to temperature. Many of our competitors use the lower watt options, but we only manufacture the 1500 watt Ultra model because of its rapid-ramp heat penetration and effective heating with adjustable thermostatic controller for pinpoint temperature control.

All CHR products are made in America by Americans and built to the highest standards. Adjustable straps & thermostat controller guarantee a perfect fit/temperature every time. Stop using hazardous band heaters and bulky warming ovens. Heat Authority takes the hassle out of heating your industrial materials and chemicals with their BEST SELLING DH-55G-1500W-240V ULTRA Drum Heating System. Suitable for both steel and poly (plastic) drums!

Product Details

220V / 1500W / 55 gallon drum heater with digital controller

  • Drum Size: 55 gallon (22.5" dia.)
  • Heater Size: 33" x 77.25"
  • Amperage: 12.5 amps
  • Drum Type: Metal or Plastic
  • Thermostat Range: 0°-165°F
  • Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor Meets NEC 427.23 standards and CE 73/23/EEC


  • Designed to fit securely; suitable for steel or poly drums
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Temperature accurate
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Fire retardant


  • Urethane backed Nylon inner liner
  • Dupont Nomex heater construction
  • Heating Element Silicone insulated
  • 1/4 thick layer of Nomex & 1/8 thick felted acrylic insulation
  • Exterior - 500 Denier Dupont Codura for weather & tear resistance
  • Dabond 2000 thread UV and abrasion resistant
  • 10 long power cord rubber insulated
  • 220V model


  • Change set point if necessary (lock out is possible)
  • Temperature Range 0-212F (0-100C) *Blanket designed for 165°F. Contact us for higher heat requirements.
  • LCD Display to show process value
  • Display Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor use

When you need to heat your materials safely and quickly, we have the perfect solution for you.