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55 Gallon Insulated Drum Heater 145°F Fixed (120V)


Powerblanket Lite PBL55 - 55 Gallon - Drum Heating Blanket, 145°F, 120V, 240 Watts


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Heat Range Mid - 145°F
Watts 240W
Volts 120V
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GTIN: 00814491012202 Warranty: 1 Year
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Powerblanket Lite PBL55 - 55 Gallon - Drum Heating Blanket, 145°F, 120V, 240 Watts


PBL55: Powerblanket Lite PBL55 is an insulated band-style drum heater that's specifically designed to fit a 55 gallon drum. This heater is built for use with 120 volts AC, drawing 2 amps producing 240 watts. It has a preset thermostat set for maximum product temperatures of up to 145 ºF / 63 ºC (± 10 ºF / 5 ºC). One band on the drum will usually run cooler than 145 °F because it only covers 1/3 of the barrel. Placing a second PBL55 above the first on the drum will generally decrease the time to heat and increase the maximum temperature your product reaches. Similarly, adding a third PBL55 up near the top of the barrel will improve things even more Sometimes one is good enough, other times you may want to use two or three – it will depend on your application. The PBL55 band style drum heaters allow you to safely control the temperature of expensive chemicals and other fluids; it will deliver a barrier of uniform directional heat where it’s needed most – preventing fluids from freezing and maintaining optimal temperatures. This innovative heat-spreading technology not only insulates & protects but will maintain heat in a wide variety of applications.

Powerblanket Lite line is designed for heating jobs on a smaller scale. All the models feature a lower power density than Powerblanket Industrial or Powerblanket Xtreme products. You can rest assured that these heaters are the real deal! They are much more efficient and safer than other heating elements that are on the market and certified to ETL, UL, CSA & CE safety standards. Keep your drums, barrels, buckets, pails & gas cylinder propane tanks warm in bitter climates so that you don't lose any production time, saving you both time and money.

Powerblanket® Lite PBL55 55 Gallon Band Style Drum / Barrel Heaters

  • Quickly heat materials to a preset 145 ºF / 63 ºC (± 10 ºF / 5 ºC)
  • Provide an insulated full-wrap design
  • Are safe to use on poly drums
  • Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products
  • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
  • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
  • ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards

When you need to heat your materials safely and quickly, we have the perfect solution for you.